Since 1978, Cooper Spur Race Team has provided our community with a program designed to develop youth ski racing. Cooper Spur Race Team offers ski programs for children of all ages and provides opportunities for children who have the desire to ski and compete in the sport of ski racing. 

The mission of the Cooper Spur Race Team is to be the Columbia River Gorge’s lead youth ski organization, promoting positive values of competitive athletics through skill development and love of sport.

Cooper Spur Race Team is committed to:

  • Providing the community with an ideal program to develop youth ski racing and offer youth the opportunity to experience structured physical activity through skiing, with highly experienced coaches who are dedicated to helping athletes at all levels reach their goals.
  • Building a strong foundation of healthy life skills for each child. ¬†Teaching values and skills that promote leadership, perseverance, risk-taking, honesty, self-discipline, teamwork, commitment, self-confidence, respect, and sportsmanship to help our athletes become successful and productive members of the community.
  • Providing a fun learning environment where each child has the opportunity to discover and reach their potential in the life long sport of skiing.
  • Producing top athletes in the sport of ski racing
The athletes in our program are committed to:
  • Maintain high standards of moral and ethical conduct including, but not limited to: self control, responsibility for behavior, honesty, consideration, and respect for others, treating people and their property with respect, and sportsmanship.